About Us

Loving God with all our
heart, mind & strength.

We have always seen ourselves as a community church. Being a community church, we tend to think of our church much like a family. We recognize we are all unique people. As unique people, we don’t always agree, but as a family, we strive to love each other unconditionally. Oh yeah, we also like to have a little fun.

We strive to create a space where people can come with their questions, doubts, and with diverse opinions and feel a part of the family. So, no matter your experience, or lack of experience, in church, or understanding of God, there is a place for you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Sunday Gatherings:

  • 9:30 a.m. – Fellowship
    We gather upstairs in the Fellowship Hall for donuts and coffee.
  • 10:00 a.m. – Sunday School
    • Children gather downstairs in the “Revelation Temple.”
    • “Pairs and Spares” (Seniors class) – Gathers upstairs in the parlor.
    • “Saints & Ain’ts” (All ages) – Gathers downstairs in the multi-purpose room (to the left when you come down the stairwell).
  • 11:00 a.m. – We gather for worship in the sanctuary
    • Childcare is available*
    • Children are dismissed after a time with children to go to Children’s Church downstairs in Room 112.

Worship – What to Expect

Every Sunday we have a worship service at FPCSS that defies categorization and we think that’s a good thing! We seek to proclaim the Good News in ways that speak to all generations, and we love to make a joyful noise to the Lord! We worship singing praise songs, classic hymns, and new hymns. We worship singing praise songs, classic hymns, and new hymns. We also try to include various artistic or participatory elements whenever possible to help us use a variety of our senses in worship.

While the way we worship defies categorization, the service does follow a fairly specific pattern:

  • We Gather: We take time to reflect on why we’ve come to worship.
  • We Hear the Word Proclaimed: We celebrate that scripture bears witness to the Word of God, revealed most fully in Jesus Christ, the Word who “became flesh and dwelt among us.”
  • We Respond: Having heard of God’s love, how can we not show our gratitude for all that God has done!
  • We Are Sent: We go forth to love and serve the Lord in our daily lives.

God invites us to come as we are and we live that out by caring about you, and not what you wear! That being said, any given Sunday you can find people in shorts or jeans and people in dress clothes. Be comfortable and be you!

After worship, our praise on the inside becomes action on the outside. We go out to care for the poor, love our neighbors, befriend the stranger and share Christ out of love for God.

We realize that many folks have grown up in dysfunctional homes, dangerous homes, or homes that are just not loving. What does Home feel like? A real home is one that accepts you for who you are and welcomes your gifts as we work together for the Glory of God.